If you would like us to contact you, please complete the reply slip provided in "Thinking about hiring us?". We will be happy to discuss your requirements without obligation.

Policy & Management Systems
We look at your organisation and arrangements to identify strengths and weaknesses in terms of safety and risk. We can help you deal with the weaknesses in a cost effective way.

Safety Cases
If you are in the Railway, Nuclear, or Offshore Oil industry, you will have at least one safety case. We can help to make sure that this is a manageable document - let's aim for something that people understand!

Risk Workshops
Modern safety management often starts with risk identification. We can help facilitate your staff to produce valid risk assessments.
If you need a HAZOP or other Quantified Risk Analysis technique, we can help.

Briefing and Training
In-house and open courses will be offered on key safety subjects, e.g.
    Applying C.D.M. Regulations in the Railway Industry
          ·½ day briefing for managers,
          ·1 day training for construction project leaders,
          ·½ day workshop for designers.