Here are some links to other rail industry related sites:
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UK Railways on the Net ™Your Point of Departure for rail information throughout the UK
The UK Passenger Timetable DatabaseJust enter "To", "From", "Date", and "Time". This query returns the best UK journey to take, including connections.
RSSBThe UK's Railway Safety and Standards Board - see this site for the UK "Railway Group Standards".
EurostarThe Official Web Site
Railway TechnologyLatest Developments in the World of Railways
Railstaff SelectThe website of the newspaper. Full of articles on UK railways.
HSE SouthallThe HSE Southall Accident Report
HSE Safety CaseConsultative guidance on the Railway Safety Case Regulations (2000)
Derby Rail ForumCompanies providing rail products and services.
SentinelTrack Safety training, and including a searchable database of training courses available near you from audited suppliers. Site also includes procedures for obtaining track safety competence certification.Ltd.
HS PublishingGeneral information on products and documentation on safety, materials, legislation, EU directives.
DieselNetInformation on diesel engines and their emissions.
NRPBInformation and advice on radiation.
Public Health ObservatoriesWho monitor health and disease trends, and health care statistics.
National Electronic Library for Health 
HMSOLeaflets, booklets and books published and stocked by the UK Her Majesty's Stationery Office.
Engineering ConsultantsA further series of links to Engineering Consultants who are Members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
Institute of Risk ManagementMain site, including details of conferences and seminars.
Risk Analysis CenterA US risk information site including abstracts on many topics - safety in everyday life (not specifically rail or work related).